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Anniversary Compilation #4 – Innocence and experience

Sven-Erik Bäck’s motets: milestones in Swedish sacred music and in the EEKK’s history. Here with the composer himself as conductor. Fredrik Malmberg takes us across the Baltic Sea to Latvia and Maija Einfelde’s serene twilight atmosphere from 2003. In 1957, the EEKK recorded Lars-Erik Larsson’s Missa brevis, in which the small choir calmly weaves his delicate polyphony. In 2009, Anders Nilsson paints with epic sounds in harmony with Goethe’s demons and primordial forces. Ingvar Lidholm’s Canto LXXXI has often appeared in the EEKK’s concert programmes since its first performance in the late 1950s. And then Brahms and his song of fate together with the Gävle Symphony Orchestra and Jaime Martin. In 1979, Sven-David Sandström challenged the EEKK when taking on William Blake’s lullaby at the same time as the roaring tiger. Innocence and experience, hand in hand.

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Track 1 
Sven-Erik Bäck: from Motetter för kyrkoåret, Den stund kommer
Conductor: Sven-Erik Bäck
Album: Bäck: Motetter (1977)

Track 2 (new release)
Maija Einfelde: from Three Poems by Fricis Bārda, II. Vakars
Conductor: Fredrik Malmberg
Studio recording: September 15, 2020

Track (new release)
Anders Nilsson: ur Urworte. Orphisch, IV. Nötigung & V. Hoffnung
Conductor: Martina Batic
Live recording: April 24, 2010, Stockholm Concert Hall
Recording: Sveriges Radio

Ingvar Lidholm: Canto LXXXI
Conductor: Eric Ericson
Album: Lidholm: Choral Music (2004)

Track 5
Johannes Brahms: Schicksalslied, Op. 54
Conductor: Jaime Martin
Participants: Gävle Symphony Orchestra, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir
Album: Brahms: Works for Choir & Orchestra (2017)

Track 6
Lars-Erik Larsson: from Missa brevis, Op. 43, Kyrie
Conductor: Eric Ericson
Album: Larsson: Missa brevis (1957)

Track 7
Sven-David Sandström: A Cradle Song – The Tyger
Conductor: Eric Ericson
Album: Sandström: A Cradle Song & The Tyger (1992)